Company Vision

Our company is built on a solid foundation of outstanding client service and in depth knowledge of real estate investments. Drawing on our resources, experience and accomplishments we seek to continue to identify and successfully invest in profitable real estate projects. We are committed to representing the best interests of our clients and investors in all that we do.


Initiative, integrity and resilience

Our mission is to create financial freedom for our investors through superb, well selected real estate investments and to provide first class homes for our tenants.


Reliable, trustworthy and persistent

You can depend on us to be reliable, informed, honest and dedicated to your success. We know you are looking for smarter, hassle-free investment choices and we will provide you with products that suit your needs and interests with maximum returns.  We make it easy for you to create wealth.

Invicta is a Latin name that means unconquerable, undefeated, unstoppable. Our name encompasses our values – the way we want to work with each other and the way we meet every challenge.  We think you’ll find that our proven results and dedication to success unparalleled.

Success is an Attitude, Not an Outcome. Invicta