Are Your No Cookie Zones Stopping You From Reaching Your Real Estate Goals?

Posted on 29. Mar, 2011 by in General

How often do you get distracted by bright, shiny objects in your day to day tasks?  I know I do – I am continually flitting from one thing to another, especially if I am “working” at home.  The laundry is calling, chores need my attention, kids need to be fed and that’s before I even turn on the computer to “work” from home.  Writing blogs is one of the most challenging areas as it’s difficult to focus attention in a short window of opportunity with all the other “tasks” outstanding. No Cookie Zone number 1 – excuses!

I’ve come to realize over the past few weeks that this road to distraction is taking me down the road to destruction – unless I take action and get back on track with my goals, plans and vision for the future.

“The Best Year of Your Life” by Debbie Ford is an awesome blast of motivational dynamite!  She has coined the phrase “No Cookie Zone” or NCZ. A NCZ is a habitual pattern or behaviour which offers us no reward.  These thoughts, habits and excuses prevent us from having the best year of our life by moving us further away from our goals. 

 On a personal note, by allowing these behaviours (procrastinating, over-scheduling, excuses, lack of discipline) to interrupt my flow and concentration I am putting myself in a No Cookie Zone.

 In order to succeed in life as well as in real estate we need to learn how to avoid the distractions and habitual behaviours that lead us nowhere.  These are often the behaviours we engage in every day.  Ask yourself what is holding you back, what is preventing you from defining your priorities?  Then, identify what are the NCZ’s that you need to watch out for in order to achieve your goals and vision for the future.On a personal note, I have identified that these bright shiny objects are affecting my time management, particularly in my business life.

Having identified this area of weakness and by creating a plan of action the night before and an intention each morning, I have found that I am quickly moving away from my NCZ. I appear to be getting more done in a shorter period of time - so, this stuff really works! 

By creating an intention, I am facilitating a clear focus.  I then create two or three actions that will move me forward and support the intention.  The plan of action needs to be consistent – daily intention and focus with regular checkups throughout the day to stay on course.  A great tip to stay on track is by sharing your plan with a trusted friend or partner – accountability is a wonderful way to keep you focused, consistent and present.

We all make a conscious choice how to spend our time.  Make every second count – there are only so many in a lifetime. What are you willing to do to set yourself on the right path to success in every area of your life?

To Your Investing Success!


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