Change your mindset and increase your wealth

Posted on 13. Dec, 2010 by in General

If you’ve been wondering when the best time to become an investor is, I have good news for you. The best time is now. Infact there’s never been a better time!

It seems that everybody wants to be a real estate investor. We often have people asking us for investing advice, the conversations are generally quite similar: “I’d like to invest but I haven’t got the time / money / knowledge. ”  The fact is that becoming an investor isn’t about investing money, it’s about changing your mindset. Not everyone can deposit money into an investment account today or find a large deposit for that great cash flowing property but almost everyone can save a dollar today. Saving your first dollar is your first step to investing.  Saving a dollar is easier than earning a dollar. It takes enormous discipline and commitment though, especially at this time of the year! 

Save one dollar today, or more if you feel particularly enthusiastic, and put it towards a future investment. As soon as you move money away from your usual everyday spending, you are an investor.  You’ll be surprised how quickly your nest egg grows.

Take an action step towards your goal today.  You will be ahead of everyone that puts it off until tomorrow.

Have a great week

Stay tuned for a 3 step process for increasing your wealth – coming later this week.

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