Halifax Makes REIN’s Top Canadian Investment Cities List

Posted on 14. Nov, 2012 by in News

Once again, Halifax shows strong signs of its economic growth and potential as it features in the Real Estate Investment Network Ltd list of the top Canadian investment cities (Nov 2012). Ranked in order, the top cities are:

1. Calgary
2. Edmonton
3. Hamilton
4. Surrey
5. Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows
6. Airdrie
7. Kitchener and Cambridge
8. Red Deer
9. St. Albert
10. Waterloo
11. Winnipeg
12. Saskatoon
13. Halifax

Great to see Halifax making the list of these fundamentally strong Canadian cities with a very bright future for real estate investing.

During the next decade it is expected that the growth in Halifax will be high both physically and economically. Without a doubt, now is the perfect time to purchase Halifax real estate as home prices are expected to rise in line with the projected economic growth.

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