How Far Will You Go To Succeed?

Posted on 16. Apr, 2012 by in News

Hey Richard here!

I’m still buzzing from the incredible ACRE (Authentic Canadian Real Estate) conference held in Toronto over the weekend.  Combined with the indepth REIN knowledge, education, revision of systems and incredible networking opportunities, here are some of the reasons I truly believe continuous education is so important to your growth and development as a real estate investor.

1. Knowing The Market - When you are an active investor and surround yourself with like minded investors, you won’t guess or try to predict the real estate market, you’ll know the market. You’ll find that you are reading between the headlines and basing decisions on strong fundamentals rather than speculation.  It’s a powerful position to be in.

2. Self Confidence – This one takes a bit of time when you are first starting out. Beginner investors often feel that they need to know all the answers, you really don’t.  The REIN philosophy of real estate investing is built on trust, honesty and integrity.  If you don’t know something, just say so and find out. Confidence develops as you become more experienced.

3. Excel in all areas of Communication– Shift your mindset and treat tenants as your best customers. Communicate openly and honestly with all members of your team and nuture those important relationships.

4. Build  a Strong & Valued Network – Your network is equivalent to your net worth! The REIN community is incredible at attracting action takers. It’s truly liberating to be surrounded by investors who have clarified their goals and objectives and are taking huge steps to achieve them. There is something magical in surrounding yourself amongst an amazing team of contacts all sharing the same philosophy, beliefs and actions. There is a “no competition” mentality – everyone is trying to help you succeed (very unique and inspiring!).

5.  Financial Independence  – Knowing that you are taking responsibility for creating your own wealth by actively investing in real estate is a powerful catalyst for growth and development.  Having a clear vision and mapping out a plan is like travelling on vacation with a road map by your side.  It is a key determinant in your ultimate long term success.

Lots of changes and exciting things planned for the next few months, each day taking Jane and I a step closer to our personal goals. What are you doing today to move you closer to your goals?

Have a great week and here’s to your investing success!





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