Top Canadian Investment Cities : June 2010

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Here is a list of the Top Canadian Investment Cities, based on Key Economic Fundamentals from the Real Estate Investors Network (REIN).  The report looks at 13 major influences and fundamentals that drive long term real estate appreciation and cash flow.

The top Canadian real estate investment cities are:

1.          Calgary

2.          Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, Ont.

3.          Edmonton

4.          Surrey, B.C.

5.           Maple Ridge, B.C.

6.           Hamilton (we actively invest in Hamilton)

7.           St. Albert, Alta.

8.           Simcoe Shores (Barrie-Orillia), Ont.

9.           Red Deer

10.         Winnipeg

Successful real estate investing is all about identifying a town or neighbourhood that has a future, not a past. Many investors like to invest based on past performance; thus, they are constantly chasing the market. This is called speculating — not investing. The report can be found at  Please contact us if you require any further information about investing in one of these top Canadian Cities.

Jane Killeen-Payne, INVICTA Property Investments

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