Upgrading your condo? What worthwhile investments should you make?

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What upgrades give the best bang for your buck?

Condo spaces are usually small and well proportioned.  The trick is create as much space as possible by keeping colours light and neutral.

Kitchen upgrades are a great investment.  Kitchens are the heart of the home and are usually the room that sells the house.  A great, functional kitchen will give the wow factor to your space.  There are many cost effective upgrades you can make.  One of the easiest upgrades is to replace the kitchen counter-top. You don’t have to splash out and purchase that granite counter-top, there are alternative products on the market that will suit the budget conscious renovator.  Quartz is a wonderful alternative to granite and comes in many styles and colors.  It is also extremely durable.  Make a statement with a contrasting wall color. If you choose a pale counter-top, choose a strong wall color. Likewise, if you choose a bold countertop, choose a neutral wall color.

Kitchen units can be upgraded by replacing the cabinets or if your budget is really tight, then you can successfully paint  the cabinets for a great, fresh look.  Be sure to sand and prime the units first – the look must be professional.  Sloppy doesn’t sell!  The easiest way to upgrade kitchen cabinets is to  change the hardware – keep it modern, sleek and streamlined.

Updating the sink and faucet is another great investment.  It is a fairly minor project but will give  an instant facelift to your kitchen.  Find the model that works with the style of kitchen you are trying to create.  Faucets inspired by restaurant kitchens are now in vogue.  Stainless steel and satin nickel top the list of most preferred.

A new floor covering will bring the look together.  Wood is a great choice, it always creates a warm atmosphere.  If your budget is tight, linoleum & ceramic tiles work well, they are very resistant and easy to maintain.

Your lighting choice will greatly affect the look of your kitchen.  You can’t hide bad lighting, it affects your colors and the overall mood of the room.  Proper lighting will  make your space more appealing. Invest in quality fixtures and fittings.  If you have a window in your kitchen, take advantage of the natural light by choosing window coverings that allow light to enter.

The secret to creating atmosphere and successful decor lies in the art of accessorising.  Add a few colorful, well placed accessories to bring vibrancy to your home.

Written by Jane Killeen-Payne of INVICTA Property Investments.  Jane is a qualified Interior Designer and certified Home Stager.

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