When the going gets tough, just keep going.

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Hi everyone.  Jane here.  Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy St Patrick’s Day – may the luck of the Irish be with you!  Being first generation Irish, I am planning a wee celebration later today, maybe a green beer or two!

I wanted to spend a little time today writing about the obstacles and challenges that pop up on the road to success.

Life is filled with pitfalls, tough times and difficulties and anyone who claims they ‘made it’ without encountering any kind of struggle are not telling you the truth.  Sometimes, the struggle seems endless and problem after problem can beat you down.  If there is one principle you need to understand and learn from it’s perseverance – the ability to stick with it until you make it.   Perseverance and persistence are the qualities that will set you apart from your competitors and those who quit when the going gets tough.  When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”~Author Unknown

Quitting is not an option for a winner. If you want to reap the rewards, then you need to tough it out – good times and bad times go hand in hand.  Sometimes it’s tempting to quit when the going gets real tough but everytime you conquer one problem, it makes you that bit stronger.  When you get knocked down, dust yourself off and start over.  The Japanese proverb sums it up nicely “Fall seven times, get up eight”.

Too many people give up too soon, often just before they are about to reap the rewards for their hard work.  You can’t go through life quitting everything.  If you want success then you have to stick with what you are doing and just keep going in the direction of persistence and determination. 

I’m going to sign off now but firstly, I want to leave you with this wonderful speech from Charles “Tremendous” Jones

“Stickability is Tremendous”

“Stick by it, die by it, never give up. We need to burn the word “stickability” into our hearts. There is a plague sweeping the world, it is now reaching epidemic proportions. It’s better known as the Quitters Disease. Everywhere I go I hear the phrase, in many different tones I QUIT – I QUIT – I QUIT. I expect to be greeted by some overwhelming, happy associate each time I return to the office with a great big -I QUIT. The problem with most people is that they don’t realize what the problem is. I remember how I always wanted to quit. In fact, that’s why I worked so hard to become successful so that I wouldn’t have to go through that agonizing wanting to quit all the time. Then, finally, I became a success, and to my surprise, I wanted to quit anyway. I then learned that the human being hits psychological lows two or three times a year, and wants to quit for no reason at all. Of course, the real problem was in wanting to quit, because the more I would want to quit, the more I would want to quit, and the more I would want to quit, the more I was afraid I was going to quit, and I didn’t want to quit, I just wanted to want to quit. Finally, one day I discovered the difference between quitting and wanting to quit. I then decided I would never quit, and now I enjoy quitting all the time, because I know I’m not going to QUIT. Sometimes someone will ask, “You mean you can’t ever quit?” That’s right, you can die, retire or get fired, but that’s it. Of course, there are exceptions and you are going to think you’re it every time you want to quit and if you sell out that easily, you’ll never get to pay the first price of leadership. I think you’ll agree that more is to be gained by stickability, than chasing better deals, and most of the time our attitudes at the time of our quitting is setting the stage for almost certain failure in whatever we run to.”

Stick to your dreams wherever they lead.   You may not be there now but you are closer than you were yesterday.

Have a great day!


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4 Responses to “When the going gets tough, just keep going.”

  1. Chung

    27. Mar, 2011

    The difference between people who’ve achieved their dreams and people who don’t is simple.

    The ‘successful’ ones have a compelling ‘why’ and a clear ‘where I want to go,’ and that with a plan + implementation will get you where you want to go..

    2nd thing is that the ‘successful’ ones have figured out that most of the time the reward is just over that steep hill, which the quitters never find out because they gave up too soon.

  2. Shanna McFarlane

    27. Mar, 2011

    Great post Jane!

    It’s a great reminder. I believe quitting is the easy way out and most people take it.

    What will show tenacity is how long you hold on and how you deal with the obstacles; most often than not, the breakthrough is right around the corner.

  3. Jane

    27. Mar, 2011

    Absolutely true Chung! Thanks for the comments. Success is an attitude, winning financially or at anything else in life is not dependent on our external circumstances, infact Shanna McFarlane can testify to that! Our attitude defines our behaviour toward it -with the right mindset we can face challenges head on. Hard times (we all have them at one point or another in life) define our true character!

  4. Jane

    27. Mar, 2011

    Thank for your comments Shanna! Quitting is most certainly the easy way out. When we start to listen and believe our negative chatterbox, we are on the slippery slope to failure. It is when we are tested that our true character comes out – often that fighting spirit has just been lying dormant all these years!

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