Why Real Estate?

Success begins with Smarter Choices

What does wealth and financial freedom mean to you?  It’s certainly more than just money….. it encompasses lifestyle, time, relationships, contribution to helping others and personal fulfilment, as well as money.

How would you like to create hassle free opportunities that can bring you incredible wealth and financial freedom?

If you are like most people, you are frustrated with traditional investment offerings and would love the opportunity to purchase real estate;  however, most people have neither the time nor the expertise to seek out and secure the right property. Generally, a person can have either time OR money but rarely both.

It is a known fact that Real Estate can get you where you want to go much quicker than any other financial route and compared with other investment vehicles, investing in real estate is a sound financial decision. By owning real estate you are guaranteeing your financial security and not just hoping for the best.

Well chosen, non speculative real estate investing can provide a means to acquiring the lifestyle you want, the retirement you worked for, and is a method that the wealthiest people in the world understand as a form of wealth creation.

Here are just 4 reasons why real estate is such a lucrative investment vehicle:

1. Leverage – Leverage is doing more with less.  You can purchase a big asset with a relatively small amount of money. To start, investors can generally use only a small amount of their own capital as a down payment, and receive the remaining amount of money required to purchase a property as a mortgage (for example, 20% down payment and 80% financing from a mortgage).

2. Cash Flow  – Money in your pocket each and every month, once expenses have been deducted.  Residual income = freedom

3. Appreciation – Over time, with inflation, your rental income increases and the value of your property increases as your mortgage debt decreases

4. Predictability – Real Estate is far more predictable and less volatile than the stock market

And no, you haven’t missed the boat or missed out on great opportunities.

There is opportunity in every market.  You have to start sometime and now is the best time.

A year from now, you will be well on your way to success while everyone else will be still asking if this is the best time to start. So go ahead, buy and wait, just don’t wait to buy!

We have the solution and take care of everything so you have time to enjoy life. Let us show you how.

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Why real estate