Your Want Unlimited REI Success? Start by Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

Posted on 29. Mar, 2012 by in News

Last night was yet another big success for our Real Estate Investors Meetup Halifax.  44 attendees came together to share knowledge, provide support and network with one another.  What started out as a purely educational monthly meeting has now developed into somewhat of a mastermind group.  Each member has their own personal business mission and goals, some are active investors with substantial portfolios whilst others are at the very beginning stages of their investing careers. But *everyone* takes something away from the meetings and as a result, the group keeps growing each month.

Why are groups like this so important to your ongoing success as a real estate investor?

Certainly, Real Estate Investing groups can provide an opportunity to learn from experienced peers in the real estate investment industry.  New investors, or even seasoned ones, can benefit from the peer-based support system and networking opportunities that real estate investment groups provide. For many new investors, REI meetings can offer a basic -how to’ get started in real estate investing. But it’s more than that….

It’s having a head start on building your real estate team. A good, well run real estate investment meeting will offer a wide assortment of experienced members involved in the investment process which you can tap into. You may find it’s a straightforward to way to start building your real estate team with knowledgeable, proactive advisors/experts who are established in their industry.

There is the motivational and networking aspects of the meetings too. We invite in regular guest speakers involved in some facet of the real estate industry or process to educate and inform our members.

It’s been over 2 years since we set up the Halifax Real Estate Investors Meetup.  It’s taken time to get it off the ground but like anything, the momentum has been established and we are on a roll.  Our members are passionate, dynamic and eager to learn and grow.  We’ve proven that these meetups are an excellent resources for investors. The benefits of peer support, education, networking, provider partnerships, investing partnerships, not to mention friendships and camaraderie, make clubs like these a great experience for real estate investors.

Stay tuned for April’s meeting

To Your Investing Success!




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